What Would You Ask the Candidates?

Presidential Candidates

Presidential Candidates

The first of three presidential debates kicks off Wednesday night, and people across the country, and in our region, and curious as to what the candidates will say to sway voters.

Coverage of the debate starts at 6:00 P.M. and you can watch it on KAPP/KVEW.

Possible voters gave their insight Wednesday on what they would ask if they had the chance to ask the candidates a question.

Here's what they would ask:

"What is your plan ahead for putting people back to work?" Jim Welch, La Grande, OR

"I would ask 'em to layout where their money is planning on coming from and if they're going to cut medicare for seniors." Bill Warner, Moses Lake

"I'd like to ask each candidate how is my life gonna be any different tomorrow with either one of you guys as president?" Sam Ramos, Kennewick

The debate is being hosted by the University of Denver, and Bob Scheiffer from CBS' Face the Nation is the moderator.