Gunshot Victims Speaks Out On His Road To Recovery

 A Pasco man shot in the stomach by his neighbor nearly a year ago speaks out for the first time today about his road to recovery.

Doctors originally told Gregg Warehime he would never walk again.

Gregg Warehime was shot in the stomach last December by his neighbor, Froilan Gonzalez at his home in Pasco.

He says Gonzalez came to his door, burst in, shoved a gun to his stomach and shot him.

The bullet did severe damage to his spine, paralyzing him from the waist down.

But after months of therapy, and multiple surgeries, he is able to walk with a cane and move both of his legs, but still has no feeling in either feet.   

Warehime is on track to be walking on his own within a few short months and describes his attitude through the whole process.
"The whole time I was in recovery my progress has never stopped I've never had to accept where I'm at because tomorrow I'm always going to be better and I'm always better than I was yesterday."