Table Mountain Fire 100% Contained



The Table Mountain Fire north of Ellensburg is now 100 percent contained, and people are being allowed back into their homes, after being evacuated two weeks ago.

Jean Bushey described the thickness of the smoke that blanketed his neighborhood just north of Ellensburg.

Bushey said it was so thick, he couldn't see his neighbors home across the road.

Bushey says Kittitas County Sheriff's advised him to evacuate his home two weeks ago, with the Table Mountain Fire still growing in size.

"Just to be on the safe side, I left and stayed with some friends for about four days. Then I finally said 'to heck with this, I'm going home," said Bushey

The Table Mountain Fire started nearly a month ago due to a  a lightning storm, and has burned more than 42,000 acres.

Over 600 firefighters are putting the finishing touches on the containment lines today, and a smaller management team of about 160 will take over for mop up tomorrow.

Firefighters say they put hundreds of hours into building containment lines just above a hill next to Bushey's neighborhood to protect residents from a fire they say was larger than the city of Yakima.

"They did a fantastic job of catching it where they did, and keeping it away from homes. That's a big success story that we're very proud of. And the firefighters have been able to do it while maintaining a great safety record," said Information Officer Seth Barnes.

Jean Bushey says he is thankful firefighters were able to save over 160 homes, including his very own.

"I really appreciate the work they did. They did a fantastic job up there not letting it come over the hill," said Bushey.

Firefighters say even though the fire may be contained by the end of the day, it will continue to smolder for a few weeks.