Internet problem causes delays at Tri-Cities Airport

<p>Flight Delays</p>

Flight Delays

An internet problem causes delays for thousands of travelers flying on Alaska and Horizon air lines today.

Dozens of travelers at the Tri-Cities Airport were affected by the internet outage - many were stuck for hours earlier today, waiting to get on a flight.

The problem started this morning around 7:30 AM, that's when a fiber network cable that connects the airlines to an online system used for reservations and ticket check in, broke.

That happened in Seattle.

The internet service was restored around noon, but while the service was out, Horizon and Alaska airlines canceled 70 flights, affecting more than 6,000 passengers.

We spoke with one woman trying to travel to India today.

She says missing one flight could delay her entire trip.

"We're looking forward to this vacation. We don't want to miss our flight. I have to go see my parents, my family in India. So it's very frustrating" said Basudha Butta.

The airlines also canceled some flights between 2 and 5 PM today to get all the earlier flights back on track.

While the system was out, Alaska Airlines implemented a manual process to check in passengers, but it was very slow.

Some flights did take off before noon today, but some were up to four hours late.

Travelers scheduled to fly today or tomorrow can change their ticket or request a refund by tomorrow.

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