Hanford HS hosts historical presentation tonight

<p>Olivia Fermi</p>

Olivia Fermi

The LIGO Hanford Observatory and B Reactor Museum Association welcome Olivia Fermi, granddaughter of Enrico and Laura Fermi, to the Hanford High School auditorium for tonight's 7 p.m. presentation titled "On the Neutron Trail -- Enrico and Lauri Fermi."

Olivia Fermi highlights key questions along the Neutron Trail through the life stories of her grandparents Enrico Fermi, theoretical and applied quantum physicist, who built the first nuclear reactor and the first nuclear bombs and Laura Fermi, author and pioneer in the environmental and handgun control movements in America.

Tonight's presentation is free and will be held at Hanford High School Auditorium, 450 Hanford Street in Richland.