Stolen Pumpkins Replaced By Good Samaritan

A good samaritan steps in today  to replace more than a dozen pumpkins stolen from an elementary school garden in Kennewick.

The kindergartners and first graders at Eastgate Elementary School were heartbroken that someone would take their pumpkins right before halloween, but that all changed by the end of the day

The farm manager at Robert Cox Farms heard about the stolen pumpkins from one of his employees and once he heard he just wanted to help out.

"Every kid needs a pumpkin this time of year -its what halloween is all about is the pumpkins-so we need to get every little kid we can a pumpkin so hopefully they can get enough to replant the patch and have some kids with smiles," says Cory Elliott.

The farm delivered dozens of pumpkins to the school today, and unloaded them into the garden, and for the kids it made a big difference.