Walla Walla Toy Store Owner Denied State Supreme Court Appeal

<p>Mural Above Inland Octopus Toy Store</p>

Mural Above Inland Octopus Toy Store

The Washington State Supreme Court has ruled it will not review the case of a toy store mural in Walla Walla.

Bob Catsiff, owner of Inland Octopus, painted a 650 foot mural of an octopus above his toy store in downtown Walla Walla in September of 2010.

The city told Catsiff that the mural was against code and that he must take it down.

Catsiff refused to take it down and the issue has been in the court system for the last couple of years.

Catsiff took the issue to the state supreme court after being denied a hearing with the state court of appeals.

His lawyer said the two are considering whether or not to take the case to Supreme Court of the United States, they have three months to do so.