Fishermen Collecting Salmon for Hatchery

Fish Hatchery Project

Fish Hatchery Project

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is spearheading a project that will give fishermen the opportunity to donate some of their catch to help a species of fish grow in numbers.

Anyone fishing in the Hanford Reach area are encouraged to donate any of its Chinook salmon so it can go to the Priest Rapids Hatchery near Mattawa.

Fish and Wildlife is teaming with the Coastal Conservation Association and the Grant County Public Utility District.

The group hopes to catch 400 adult fall Chinook salmon by the end of Sunday so it can maximize the fertilization and incubation process at the hatchery.

In other words, the more salmon that anglers can donate to the program now, the more fish there will be in the Columbia in later years to fish for.

Anyone interested in donating salmon to the project can find more information at