Church Builds Orphanage

<p>Indonesian Orphanage</p>

Indonesian Orphanage

A Kennewick pastor returns from Indonesia, after being in the country to witness the foundation laid for an orphanage.

Pastor Ryan Graves from the Word of Faith Center in Kennewick, just returned from Medan, Indonesia-- where he and wife Natalie watched the foundation laid for an orphange paid for by his church.

"It's awesome because it enables us to go beyond our four walls of a church which we want to do, but beyond the borders of the us and get involved globally."

 After a trip to Indonesia several years ago, and witnessing the deplorable conditions for so many children Pastor Ryan was moved to build the orphanage.  So he went to his congregation to raise the 125-thousand dollars and they did not disappoint.

"To bring up something like this and say okay church, we're going to invest 125-thousand dollars and build an orphange.. some people won't have the opportunity to go but they're connected with the  mission and connected with the children." says Graves.

Pasco teacher and church member Jamie Chavez led the fundraising charge, and for her, this mission has become very personal.  "It's changed me to know that what we make happen for others god will make happen for us, and it's important for me to instill that belief in my children. they can then pay it forward to someone else."

The orphanage will house 40 children, some made orphans during the 2004 tsunami. As they get older, many will have a chance  to learn trades to become self sufficient.

The orphanage is expected to be complete in late spring, but for Pastor Ryan his mission in Indonesia will never really be over.  "When you're there and you see the children, it does something to your heart.  it changes you and you can't help but say this is something we need to be involved with."

Tomorrow the Word of Faith Center is having a fundraising walk/run for it's Indonesian orphanage called Miles for Mercy.  Registration is 25-dollars for adults 5-dollars for kids.  Registration starts at Howard Amon Park at 8am and the run starts at 9.  The public is invited to participate.