Principal Sticks Around With Kids

<p>Mrs. McDonald Being Duct Taped</p>

Mrs. McDonald Being Duct Taped

Over 250 elementary students leave their principal in a sticky situation this morning.

It was all the result of a deal made by Summitview Elementary School students in Yakima, who participated in a jog-a-thon fundraiser, put on by the PTA last week.

Students were encouraged to find sponsors to donate money to participants --- in turn, part of that money would be used to purchase duct tape, the challenge was if they could get enough tape to hold the prinicipal up.

The school's prinicipal says the PTA came up with the idea, and gave students an extra incentive to exceed the fundraising goal.

"They work really hard to make sure our boys and girls here have a wonderful elementary experience and have memorable events like this that they can look back on," said Principal Crystal McDonald.

Over 9 thousand dollars was raised -- that will go towards funding other PTA events through the rest of the year.