Hundreds attend funeral for Prosser mother and daughter killed in crash

<p>Funeral Procession</p>

Funeral Procession

Hundreds of people from Prosser and throughout the Mid-Columbia say goodbye today to a mother and daughter killed in a car crash last weekend.

Family and friends of Alex and Ilda Islas gathered at a Prosser church for their funeral and to remember their lives that impacted so many.

Hernan Sanchez grew up with Alex Islas - they played soccer together since he was six years old.

But now, the joy they shared on the field is just a memory.

"Such a pretty woman. I didn't think this was gonna happen to her family" said Sanchez.

Last Saturday, 14 year-old Alex Islas and her mother, 44 year-old Ilda Islas were killed in a car crash on Highway 22 just outside Prosser.

Another driver going the other way hit them head on.

"I can only image how they feel, and we were saying while we were driving that it's just gonna take a while to kind of sink in" said Mike Delgado, family friend.

This morning, a procession with the mother and daughter's caskets went through Prosser.

Hundreds of students at the high school stepped out of class for a few minutes to line the streets as the cars went by so they could say goodbye to their former classmate.

"She was a tiny gal who people have described as the little girl with the big number, her number was 20. And we've had kids mention that, 'yeah, Mr. Lusk, but she had an even bigger heart'" said Kevin Lusk, Prosser High School Principal.

After the procession, hundreds of people gathered at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church for the funeral service.

There were so many people there, that parking overflowed into neighboring streets and empty lots, and inside was standing room only.

"The message is you can't make sense of something like this. And that's what's really hard, because it doesn't make sense and there's not a formula to try and fix anything" said Lusk.

Friends and community members say they'll try not to focus on the deaths, but instead the good times they shared with the mother and daughter.

All the while, continuing to support the family.

"Be there for them at least" said Sanchez.

Educators at Prosser High School have been providing support services to students close to Alex and her family.

A 21 year-old Mabton man was driving the car that crashed into Alex and Ilda Islas.

Washington State Patrol troopers believe he crossed the center line, and was being inattentive.

Troopers are still investigating the crash.