Pasco City Council votes to annex portion of Donut Hole

Pasco Donut Hole

Pasco Donut Hole

The Pasco City Council votes to move forward with annexing a portion of the Donut Hole in Franklin County.

Tonight, council members approved an ordinance to annex Area #2, which is generally described as south of the Franklin County Irrigation District canal and north of Sylvester Street, between Roads 52 and 68.

The Donut Hole is a portion of land in Franklin County in between Roads 40 and 100.

Many residents in the Donut Hole don't want to be annexed into the city, and they are trying to form their own city.

Some residents have filed litigation against the city.

A hearing on that litigation will be held Friday morning.

Residents say they plan to ask the judge to reverse tonight's city council decision.

The city plans to annex Area #2 of the Donut Hole on January 1st, 2013.