Last Minute Costume Shopping Halloween Safety Tips

<p>Costume Shopping</p>

Costume Shopping

Some people in our area are doing some last minute costume shopping for Halloween today.

They are also making sure they are safely prepared for tomorrow's trick or treating.

27-year-old Andrea Malczewski did some last minute costume shopping this afternoon with her 3 year old daughter, Adrienna.

Malczewski plans on taking her daughter out for trick or treating tomorrow night.

She aims to take every precaution when going door to door in her neighborhood.

"I think a lot of parents just stop in their car and let the kids go off, I'm not like that at all. I'm definitely always holding on to my child. I need to see them in my vision at all times," said Malczewski

With Halloween just one day away,veteran trick or treaters also know what they have to do.

"Stay on the sidewalk and don't go anywhere else, stay where I could see you. And don't wander off," said 9-year-old Josie Cree.

Police say it isn't just parents and their children during who should be cautious on Halloween. It's also drivers who should watch out, especially when driving through busy neighborhoods.

"With the excitement of the holiday and the gathering of their treats, they'll be running in and out of the streets. So when you're in the areas where the kids are out, take a little more caution, slow down your speed, and be a little more aware," said Sergeant Shawn Boyle.

Andrea Malczewski believes Halloween is no time to go exploring foreign neighborhoods, and trick or treaters should stick to places they know.

"I think if you want to be ultimately safe, stick to trick or treating at homes where you personally know the people," said Malczewski.

Police also recommend that trick or treaters travel in larger groups and wear reflective tape on their costumes if possible