Fire Closes Clara Brownell Middle School in Umatilla

<p>Middle School Fire</p>

Middle School Fire

A Umatilla middle school is expected to open back up tomorrow, after a fire on campus closed classes today.

The small fire started in a storage room behind the cafeteria at Clara Brownell Middle School.

Food service workers noticed the flames around 7 AM, and they believe the fire had been burning for about an hour before then.

No students were at the school at the time of the fire.

After canceling classes, administrators spent the day airing out the building.

"The damage is fairly minor. But if you look carefully, you can see that there's a gas pipe running through there, and we might have to replace some of those fixtures. But overall, the damage is fairly minor. We did lose a small number of food stuff" said Al Meunier, Interim Superintendent.

Meunier says about 400 students attend Clara Brownell Middle School.

Administrators originally thought the fire was started by an electrical problem, but this afternoon, they said they're not sure what caused the fire.

They plan to review video surveillance to see what happened.

Nobody was injured.