Union Gap IHOP Closing In Two Weeks

<p>IHOP Union Gap</p>

IHOP Union Gap

A restaurant in Union Gap is closing its doors in a few weeks, leaving two dozen workers out of a job.

The IHOP on Valley Mall Boulevard will close its doors on November 11th, after corporate headquarters refused to renew its land lease and franchisee agreement.

The restaurant says their headquarters wants franchisees to construct larger buildings, in order to seat more people.

One employee says her main concern is where people will come to eat breakfast once the restaurant closes.

"Our customers that have been coming in for many years, we have to tell them, and they're upset. There's not another IHOP close to here except for the one in Ellensburg. I'm really concerned for those people, more than Ii am for myself or anybody else," said Wendy Greenfield.

Newer IHOP buildings can hold over 180 people, the current one in Union Gap can only hold about 90.