44 Condos Proposed for Badger Mtn.

<p>Badger Condos</p>

Badger Condos

Richland city planners may advise the city council to reject a proposal for new condos in South Richland, at tonight's council meeting.

Kennewick developer TMT Homes wants to build a 44 unit complex on the lower slope of Badger Mountain, above Meadow Hills Drive.

The city has had complaints from homeowners, saying the high density condos would bring too much traffic to the neighborhoods of single family homes. Richland's Development Services Manager Rick Simon says he tends to agree with the homeowners. 

"We've heard it would result in too much traffic for the neighborhood -- they have concerns with the scale and height of the buildings, and type of housing from the single family, low-density that's currently there, " says Simons.

He and the Planning Commission would likely reconsider the proposal if the developer scaled the project back by about 10 units.