Wineries Begin Harvesting

It's the most exciting time of the year for wineries in our region as they begin harvesting what is possibly the best crop of grapes in recent memory.

Winemakers and wineries are more than excited.

They say everything is falling into place perfectly for this year's harvest, and the taste should be excellent.

 "It will be different we are gonna have lower acids but more fruit character especially in the reds we are gonna get that deep fruit that Washington is known for," says Megan Hughes from Barnard Griffin.

Thanks to some hot weather, winemakers are calling the timing and quality of this harvest near perfect.
And are preparing to harvest and press thousands of tons of fruit over the next several days.
Statewide, Washington  is on track for a record harvest of over 200 thousand tons.

Goose Ridge winery is expecting about 4 tons of fruit tomorrow- and Barnard Griffin harvested about 25 tons this morning.