Local Seahawks Fans React to Controversial Finish

Seahawks Controversial Call

Seahawks Controversial Call

Local Seattle Seahawks fans react to the controversial ending to the Monday Night Football game that gave the team an improbable win.

The whole nation has been talking about whether a hailmary at the end of the game was a touchdown, giving the Seahawks the win, or an interception, making the Packers a winner.

The already controversial replacement referees called the play both a touchdown and a touchback when the played start to settle, but after the head referee jumped in he gave the Seahawks a touchdown.

Since then, people on Twitter, Facebook, radio and television have been debating if the Seahawks got away with one.

Christian Carman, Kamiakin football player, said that Seahawks receiver Golden Tate came down with the ball, and therefore it should be a Seahawks win.

"He had the possession at the end," Carman said. "He came out with the ball, so Seahawks touchdown."

The play was reviewed by officials in the replay booth and it was confirmed as a touchdown.

Marco Cerda, Pasco, said he was rooting for the Seahawks, but the referees got the call wrong.

"They fought for it for awhile but they should've stopped it by then and then called it an interception." Cerda said.

The National Football League delivered a statement Tuesday regarding the play, and it confirmed the call by the referees.