Touchet Students Without Water Fountains

Touchet Water Problem

Touchet Water Problem

Students in the Touchet School District have been without water fountains this week because of a problem with the chlorinator system.

Susan Bell, Touchet School District Superintendent, said a water pump blew out on Sunday, and that forced the building's chlorinator to burn out.

Because of the burn out, the water students would normally drink was disinfected and forced the district to turn off the water fountains.

Instead, the district teamed up with Pepsi to provide students bottled water and water coolers that were placed throughout the halls.

"I think the kids and staff have done a great job," Bell said. "They know that the cups are available and the bottle water's available and they just take it in stride."

Bell said the broken chlorinator part was going to be delivered Tuesday afternoon and the water fountains were expected to be back up and running by Wednesday.