Todd Stuart Not Guilty

<p>Todd Stuart</p>

Todd Stuart

A former Pasco man once accused of trying to kill his wife's adoptive mother last year is acquitted of all charges this afternoon.

Todd Stuart was found not guilty of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The Franklin County jury reached its verdict after nearly six hours of deliberating today and yesterday.

After the verdict was read, Stuart hugged his attorney, then put his head down and began to cry.

Stuart was accused of trying to kill his wife's adoptive mother, Judy Hebert, in Pasco last year.

In the trial, prosecutors said Todd and his wife, Tashia Stuart, dropped a large bin of books on Hebert's head on February 20, 2011, which was nearly two weeks before the March 3, 2011 murder.

Stuart's attorney, Jeff Robinson, told jurors Todd Stuart was not part of any plan or conspiracy to kill Hebert.

"We are extremely grateful for the jury's verdict. We believe it was the absolute right and correct verdict. But there is no joy here. There is a sense of relief that an innocent man is not being convicted of a crime he didn't do. But there is a woman who has died, there is a family that's broken. So nobody's walking out of here with a smile on their face" said Robinson.

The Franklin County Prosecutor says he is disappointed with the verdict.

He says this was a tough case to prosecute, because there was no direct evidence linking Stuart to the crime.

Tashia Stuart is charged with murder in Hebert's death.

Tashia Stuart's trial is scheduled to start next month.