Hot air balloons fill the sky in Prosser

<p>Great Prosser Balloon Rally</p>

Great Prosser Balloon Rally

Hot air balloon pilots from across the Northwest are in Prosser this weekend for the 23rd annual Great Prosser Balloon Rally.

After nearly a year of rising anticipation, massive hot air balloons are back in Prosser, to give the sky some color.

"And it's beautiful. Fun to see the family atmosphere" said Janann Roodzanti, spectator.

Luke Cesnik pilot's the Freedom Flight 5, a 95 foot tall hot air balloon from Minnesota promoting POW and MIA awareness.

This morning, he took me up 1,500 feet into the sky - with nothing but a heavy duty wicker basket between us and the air beneath us.

"Probably the best description that I've ever had from any of my passengers was: Flying in a balloon is like floating in a dream" said Cesnik.

Cesnik is one of dozens of hot air balloon pilots here in Prosser this weekend for the 23rd annual Great Prosser Balloon Rally -  a public event where anybody can watch morning launches, and even help pilots inflate and chase down balloons.

But for Cesnik, who has been piloting for 20 years, flying the POW/MIA balloon has a special meaning.

"As a Vietnam veteran, it's close to my heart, as far as having the ability to go out and promote the POW/MIA issue. Let people know how many people are still missing" said Cesnik.

So Cesnik along with other pilots will fly high this weekend, spreading cheer, and a message about veterans to make a difference.

"That's what we're all about. We're trying to make sure that the families are aware of the fact that we're out here promoting the issue with the biggest thing we could find" said Cesnik.

If you want to check out the hot air balloons, you can see them take off tomorrow and Sunday morning at the Prosser Airport.

Spectators are encouraged to arrive around 6:15 AM.

For more information on the event, click here.