Downtown Kennewick Buildings Leveled

<p>305 Columbia Drive</p>

305 Columbia Drive

Demolition today on the downtown Kennewick buildings just used for SWAT Team explosives training yesterday.

The nine blue buildings located at 305 Columbia Drive next to Duffy's Pond near Clover Island were leveled earlier today.

The Port of Kennewick acquired the land recently as part of the bridge-to-bridge, river-to-railroad revitalization project.

They were built in the 1940s when Duffy's Pond was the shoreline of the river.

Port officials says removing the buildings is a big step in the re-development of the area.

"This is a long term plan, but I think people as they're driving down Columbia Drive say that's waterfront - I had no idea that was the original shoreline and I can see the water from Columbia Drive.  So maybe there's some interest and I think it will really spur people to be excited about what's going on," said Tana Bader Inlgima, Director of Marketing for Port of Kennewick.

The plan includes creating a trail around the pond and installing wildlife viewing areas.

The port also hopes to attract private investors like restaurants, brew pubs, and wine tasting to really make it a waterfront setting.