Hundreds Registered For Marathon

Over 450 people are already registered to take part in a marathon north of Yakima tomorrow morning.

It's part of the 13th annual Yakima River Canyon Marathon.

The race will cover over 26 miles -- starting near Ellensburg and ending in Selah.

Bart Yasso, an executive for Runner's World Magazine who has  participated in over 1500 races all over the world --will also be taking part tomorrow.

"I get that feeling you really get to meet everyone, and you can't do that in the big races," said Yasso, "When there's 40 thousand runners at a big race, you certainly meet a lot of runners, but you can't connect with everyone. You come to these smaller races, you really feel like you connect with every runner. It's really fun and there's going to be a lot of communication going on."

If you'd like to sign up for the race, you can register today at the Selah Civic Center from now until 8 pm.

The entry fee is $85, buses will leave for the starting area at 6 am, the race will start at 8 am.