Fully Green in Kennewick

<p>Green Home Insulation</p>

Green Home Insulation

<p>Green Home</p>

Green Home

<p>Green Home</p>

Green Home

One of the first fully green certified communities in the rapidly developing Southridge area of Kennewick opened its doors to the public today.

The new townhomes are located in the area, Villas Verdes, which literally translates to "green homes." 

What makes theses home unique to the Tri-Cities is they are built under the sustainable housing guidelines, and they've been third party verified by an independent entity.  Building to this standard is also known as "having a tighter home."

Fully green homes use more energy efficient furnaces, appliances, and even insulation. Known as the blown-in blanket insulation system, it fills around wiring and fixtures, eliminating costly air gaps.

Sealing the outlets and switch boxes reduces air leakage, and using stucco outside gives a long term maintenance-free exterior.

Developer Stan Nuxall says Villas Verdes townhomes went through many inspections and verifications to qualify for this type of designation.

"Built green is taking into consideration the environmental impacts that the building process has, that we're following certain steps to minimize that. There's a big movement for green style housing, sustainable homes and we're trying to fill that need," said Nuxall.

The new development, housing 61 homes, is at the intersection of South Ely Street and West 30th Place near the Canyon Lakes Golf course. So far three have been built.

Energy efficient features drastically reduce the houses' environmental footprint, but the real plus to this in the long run is that you're paying 15-20 percent less in utilities.

Construction is expected to be complete in less than a year.