Graduation Around The Corner; Students Looking At Career Options

<p>CWU Career Fair</p>

CWU Career Fair

Hundreds of students filed in and out of the student union building at Central Washington University.

For some, it was a chance to meet and greet with businesses --but for senior Samantha Jackle, it's an opportunity to explore potential careers after graduation.

"I've been job searching online, looking around and looking at the places I'm interested in," said Jackle, "But today I learned about opporunities that I never even considered."

Students from every major got the chance to meet with over 50 different businesses as part of the 40th annual Career Quest.

Students got the chance to hand out their resumes, and learn a few tips about working for big employers

"You learn a lot about how to interact with others and you learn a lot of listening skills and how to kind of ask those questions," said senior Covina Dunnihoo.

Both local, national, and international companies were found at the fair; some featuring employees who are recent graduates of Central Washington.

The school says bringing in those grads will help them connect with fellow Wildcats and hopefully highlight the importance of getting started as early as they can on their careers.

"When freshman come, we encourage them to talk to employers, find out what opportunities are there for them, and get going, get that experience that they need to get a job before they graduate," said Career Services Director Vicki Sannuto.

With time winding down to graduation, Samantha Jackle says she hopes her experience will land her a job in the psychology field right out of school.

"If I can't find employment, then I'm going to be working part-time jobs," said Jackle, "I'm not going to be doing what I've been striving to do."