Richland changes how it collects garbage at parks


From the City of Richland:

Richland is making changes to how it collects garbage in City parks. More time and resources can now be dedicated to general parks maintenance by transferring from the manual collection of trash by park crews to the automated system used by solid waste crews, shifting trash can size and quantities, and relocating the cans for easier service.

A few of the City’s smaller and less used neighborhood parks will no longer have a container and residents will be asked to pack it in and pack it out. This change affects less than 10% of the City’s 63 parks, they include: Barth, Chaparral, Hills West, McMurray, Meadows East, Oak, Overlook, Paul Liddell, Stevens and Westwood Park. 

Most of the existing trash cans will be replaced by rolling grey 101 gallon containers, eliminating close to 17,000 liners a year. These grey containers are the same used in residential neighborhoods. The highest use locations will continue to use the existing 55 gallon containers, with lids and liners, so that they can be serviced on Saturday and Sunday.

Signs have been placed along the Riverfront Trail directing users to trash can locations. Some of the cost savings will be diverted to Solid Waste to help with the transition; these savings include: trash can liners, truck operating and maintenance, fuel and the elimination of aging equipment. The Parks Department’s net fiscal benefit to the program will be applied toward normal park maintenance including litter control, restroom cleaning and maintenance, and other important activities. The changes will be implemented this spring and will be continually evaluated throughout the year to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Similar changes in other Washington parks have proven successful. For more information, a video explaining these changes can be viewed on link to CityView Programs and then Park Garbage Can Changes.