New Richland Residential Area Includes Healthcare

<p>Badger Mountain South</p>

Badger Mountain South

A new 1,500 acre residential area planned for Badger Mountain South in Richland will also have an on-site healthcare campus.

Plans are to design a walkable community of neighborhoods housing a trail system and playgrounds for residents... The goal here is to create a healthier community... and the health care center will be a part of that model.

Kadlec Regional Medical recently bought five acres of property on the south end of Badger Mountain near the intersection of I-82 and Dallas Road.

Kadlec's role in the health care campus is to develop an walk-in care center and to guide the development of other healthcare related services in the area.

Kadlec's President and CEO Rand Wortman says this is a unique opportunity to look ahead and plan for exactly what the community will need.

"I believe what we're going to see and develop healthcare-wise on this campus is going be more of a wellness campus than a curing campus, if you will.  So, you'll see diabetes education, education about heart failure, and a lot of prevention services," said Wortman.

"We're implementing the actual campus study to determine what the campus will loook like and what it'll include for healthcare for the entire community as well as the region," said Badger Mountain South Project Director Loren Combs.

Plans for the area include about 5,000 homes, 200 acres of commercial space, four school sites, along with numerous parks and trails, and hundreds of acres of open space.

A master plan for the project will be created over the next 12 months, followed by development of the properties in phases as the community builds out.