Sunnyside HS Principal Recounts Boston Bombing

<p>Ryan Maxwell</p>

Ryan Maxwell

A Sunnyside High School Principal was running in the Boston Marathon today.

Ryan Maxwell says he and his family are safe in their hotel room now. 

Maxwell finished the marathon several minutes before the explosions, but nearly headed back towards the finish line after reuniting with his family.

Your Local ABC spoke with him by phone earlier today. 

Here is a transcript of the phonecall:

"I'm not scared -- I've got my 12 year old son here and my wife.  After I finished the race they both went into that store the bomb was outside of. My wife and son were in the store and they had left to come find me.  And then my son wanted to go back to the store to buy a marathon jacket and I said no, I'm tired.  Otherwise we would've been at the store when the bombing happened, so it hit really close to home."

Your Local ABC will continue to update you as we get information over the next 24 hours.