"We're Normal, Just Like You And Me"

<p>Jake and Erin Lynch</p>

Jake and Erin Lynch

Jake Lynch is just like any normal kid.

He plays with his dog, studies Shakespeare, and runs cross country with his high school.

However, when he was 5 years years old, he and his brother Drew were diagnosed with autism.

"It's the time to let the people know what it truly is," said Jake, "We're normal, just like you and me."

Jake, along with two other kids living with autism will be taking part in the "ViewFrom My Shoes Panel," the three students will share their experiences living with autism, and hopefully give people an insight into what it is like growing up with special needs.

Jake has been receiving services from the Children's Village for the past 10 years.

His mother, Erin Lynch says it was her idea to sign up her son for the conference in order to raise more awareness about autism and to let others like Jake know they're not alone.

"By giving the other kids and the community information regarding autism, they can maybe understand some of the behaviors that make our kiddos stand out sometimes," said Erin Lynch.

For Jake, standing out is the least of his concerns, for now, his concern is just being a normal teenager.

"I feel like a normal person, and I bet you feel like a normal person," said Jake, "Even though I have some difficulties in the past and in the present, it doesn't define who I truly am."

Jake Lynch will be speaking at the "View From My Shoes" presentation this Thursday at the Children's Village.

That will begin at 6:30 p.m.