Hundreds gather at TRAC for small business symposium

<p>Small Business Symposium</p>

Small Business Symposium

Hundreds of business representatives from across the country meet in Pasco today to look for government work.

The Department of Energy's 2013 Bridging Partnerships Small Business Symposium was held today at the TRAC.

Organizers say the event is a great way for businesses to network with each other so they have a better chance of securing government funded jobs when they become available.

They say even with the recent sequestration, there are still job opportunities available.

"In some of those opportunities, it might take a little bit more effort and more work, hence the networking, but making those connections here today is what's gonna help these business to stay in the game, to be on the top of that list, not just setting those proposals through an electronic void, a black hole, but when you make those business connections, it keeps your name for when those opportunities come forward for those contracts and those new awards to be out there" said Kayla Pratt, event organizer.

Speakers at the event also talked about the importance of training employees in tough economic times, and the do's and dont's of small business ownership.