Fire destroys Finley mobile home

<p>Finley Fire</p>

Finley Fire

A Finley family loses their home this morning after a large fire tears through their mobile home.

The fire broke out at a home off Perkins Road.

Investigators believe the fire started in an electrical box, which was inside the master bedroom closet.

Homeowner Isaac Ramos, says there were actually two fires at the home this morning.

He says his fiance called him around 2:45 AM, while he was at work, and told him there was a small fire in the house.

Ramos says he came home, put out the fire himself with two fire extinguishers, opened some windows to air out the home, then left.

A couple hours later, he came back home and saw his mobile home fully engulfed in flames.

"My house is gone. There's aint no point to try and save it. Gotta just call the fire department and let them do what they can. It's a trailer house, you got less than 20 minutes before it's gone. So aint much you can do at that point, besides watch it go" said Ramos.

Ramos, his fiance and their 4 1/2 month old son lived at the home.

Nobody was injured, though his fiance and baby did breathe in a little smoke.

The home was completely destroyed.

Firefighters say if you ever notice a fire at your home, no matter how small, you should call your fire department.

They say even if you put the fire out yourself, there may be hot spots that you can't see, and they have the technology to detect those hot spots.