Open House For Seasonal Worker Homes

An open house ceremony is held in Granger this afternoon for a housing project for seasonal workers.

Members from the Yakima Housing Authority unveiled its Cosecha Court project to local organizations.

The 3-and a half million dollar project features 10 two bedroom units, which can house up to 76 seasonal farmworkers and their families.

Project managers say building the homes in Granger will help attract more farmworkers to the Yakima Valley.

"If you were to view if from a map, Granger is kind of a hub; you can go North, West, East and South, and there's going to be work in either hops, orchards, asparagus, whatever tree fruit," said Jacob Heitzman, "This is a really central location, which makes Granger a really good spot for us to build."

Construction is expected to be complete in June.