Spring Barrel Tasting Begins

<p>Wine Tasting</p>

Wine Tasting

It's that time of year again, when bottles are opened and wine glasses are never empty.

For all, it's a chance to sample the finest wines the Valley and the Basin have to offer.

But for people like Heather Dunbar of Tacoma and Melody Dupay of Eugene, it's almost like spring break.

"We take a feel for all the wineries, all the tasting, all the good food, and just have fun and get away from the work environment; our kids, and just have a good time," said Dunbar

Today marks the first day of Spring Barrel Tasting -- a weekend where people from both our area and those outside our region get the chance to sample the latest products soon to be released on the market.

Winetasters can purchase tickets through the wine association, which gives them access to the dozens of tasting rooms spread across our area.

"You guys have some of the best wineries," said Dupay, "At home, we have a lot of wineries there, but we've had some really good wine today."

Wine Yakima Valley says it's sold over 1,500 tickets through today, and expects to sell more through the weekend.

That's already more than it sold last year, and local winemakers say that's a good sign for business.

"As a business owner, to me, it's a lot of advertising," said Antolin Cellars owner Tony Haralson, "It's great advertising to get people out and to taste the wines and experience what we have in addition to the sales that we make. "

For Heather Dunbar and Melody Dupay, the weekend is still young, and there is still more wine to be tasted.

"This is our second one, and we've got a lot more to go," said Dupay, "We've got a lot of miles to cover this weekend."

If you'd like more information about participating wineries in our region, click here for the Yakima Valley, or here for the Columbia Basin.