Local Rotarians Help Construct New Playground

<p>Playground Construction</p>

Playground Construction

Dozens of rotarians from the Yakima area gather at Franklin Park this weekend to help construct a new playground.

It's part of a project to help revitalize the park funded by the Downtown, Sunrise and Southwest Rotaries of Yakima.

The project includes building a new pavillion and picnic shelter to host summer events, and replacing a playground set that was removed two years ago.

Members say it is important to keep the park maintained in order to help attract more people to the pool, museum and school nearby.

"It really is sort of the hub of where a lot of energy goes," said Downtown Rotary member Kellie Connaughton, "So we wanted to showcase Yakima the best that we can. Franklin Park needed some enhancing with its stage, picnic shelters, and we needed a new playground here. So we thought this would be the perfect community project for us to get involved in."

Project organizes say the playground won't be open to the public for at least another week.