National Teacher of the Year Returns Home

The National Teacher of the Year award winner is back teaching at Zillah High School.

Science teacher Jeff Charbonneau returned to teaching at his class today after winning the National Teacher of the Year last week.

A ceremony for Charbonneau and the runners-up was held at the White House, where they were able to meet President Barack Obama.

Charbonneau says it is good to be back home, however, he is excited to travel and learn from educators across the world beginning next fall.

"You know, I don't have all of the secrets to teaching," said Charbonneau, "I'm really looking forward to seeing what other communities and other schools are doing around the country and around the world, so I can bring that information back to Zillah  and back to the Yakima Valley."

Charbonneau says his first trip will be to the east coast starting in June.