Special Session for Legislature

<p>Washington State Flag</p>

Washington State Flag

Washington state lawmakers adjourn their 105-day Legislative session yesterday without an agreement on a new two-year budget.

Now they have to return for a special session May 13.

Governor Jay Inslee says he also wants lawmakers to address some policy issues currently stalled in the Legislature, including potential laws addressing gun violence, a transportation funding package and new rules for abortion insurance.

Democrats have a twelve member majority in the state house, while the state senate is controlled by a coalition of 23 republicans and two democrats.

At least one local senator is blaming the House for the need to have the special session.

"First and foremost we're focused on the budget. The Senate has passed a bi-partisan, no tax budget. We are ready to go... we're waiting on the House.  We are ready to go home [because], we've got our work done," said Brown

The projected budget deficit for the new two years is $1.2 billion.

The House and Senate have different approaches to balance state spending.

The House preferring to raise revenue by extending taxes and the Senate looking to eliminate tax breaks.