Trouble for Track 29?

<p>Track 29</p>

Track 29

For four years, Duarte Fernandes has owned and operated Yakima Antiques on the Track 29 Mall.

Fernandes recently received a letter informing him that his time is up.

"It was kind of a surprise," said Fernandes, "I'm thinking I have 30 days to move, and I have to find me another place that I can afford."

Fernandes isn't the only one in trouble -- the property has been in bankruptcy and the trustee, Matthew Anderton, announced their lease will be terminated at the end of May.

Tenants say the mall has been struggling financially over the past few years with a high tenant turnover rate, and maintenance and utility bills that keep piling up.

Since it opened 25 years ago, Track 29 has had the potential to host up to 15 businesses.

Right now, there are only 6, and tenants say that's played a huge factor in the lack of proper funding.

"[Anderton]  would have been making money if had he rented all the facilities, and that's about 15 facilities he could have had rented," said A-1 Jumpers manager Tony Sandoval, "This would be a beautiful tourist attraction for the new effort to have more businesses downtown."

For Duarte Fernandes, the next step is looking for a new place to continue serving his customers.

"I've been here for four years, so my customers know where I'm at," said Fernandes, "And I like the area, so it's kind of sad that I have to move."

Calls were made to trustee Matthew Anderton, they were not returned.

A proposal to turn the mall into a parking lot has also been submitted to the City of Yakima.