Hastings Visits Veterans Home

<p>Wagenaar-Pfister Home</p>

Wagenaar-Pfister Home

A home in Kennewick helping assimilate former soldiers back into society is making big strides for wounded veterans in our area.

The Wagenaar-Pfister house's mandate is to serve as a transitional home for up to five veterans at a time, and many of these men are homeless.

Today Congressman Doc Hastings, a big supporter of veterans issues, toured the facility and saw the progress it's made in the past two years.

Created by the Columbia Basin Veterans Coalition, this two story home provides soldiers a safe place to transition back into civilian life.

Providing them a home, amenities, and access to programs, the vets have up to two years to get back on their feet.

It was established September 15, 2011 and so far the home has helped 11 veterans.

Former Air Force firefighter Daniel Edwards has been living at the residence for just over a month.

He says it's been a gift to him and given him a moment to take stock of his life and get going in the right direction.

"When you get out of the military you have this tremendous bubble of expectations that quickly can collapse in upon itself. Without this house, without this organization, without the Veterans Administration, I truthfully feel that I wouldn't have an opportunity to be able to do anything. I wouldn't have the will or see the light at the end of the tunnel," said Edwards.

Edwards says he is currently looking for service related training so he can get his own place.  He says he expects to make that transition in about 18 months.

The house was dedicated to the two fallen soldiers from the Tri-Cities, Army PFC Daniel Wagenaar from Pasco and Sgt. Travis Pfister of Richland.