Father-Son Duo Competing for Disc Golf Honors

<p>Marty (left) and Brian Cook (Center)</p>

Marty (left) and Brian Cook (Center)

A local father and son are going head-to-head in a disc golf tournament in Yakima tomorrow.

Marty Cook and his Son Brian Cook will be competing in the second annual Yak Town Throw Down, one of several disc golf tournaments held throughout the state.

The two are one of the highest ranked father-son pair in the nation.

Marty Cook -- who was born and raised in Yakima -- won last year's tournament and intends to repeat for the home crowd.  

"Cming back to yakima is always special to us," said Marty Cook, "I grew up playing in this park years ago, it's really just a great opportunity to come back and try to defend my championship from last year."

"This time, I'm not going to be so easy on the old man," said Marty's son, Brian, "He won it last year, and I'm going to come out and try to give it all I can and put some putts in the basket and win this sucker."

Points earned in this weekend's tournament will be tallied up and the top players will be selected to compete in the state championship in September.