"We Want You Back" Campaign

<p>We Want You back</p>

We Want You back

All recent high school dropouts from the Kennewick School District are getting a knock on their doors today to encourage them to go back to school.

The Kennewick School District and the CBC High School Academy are launching a "We Want You Back" campaign to inform these former high school students that there are options that will work for them to finish up credits and get their high school diplomas.

According to the Kennewick School District, a number of these students are just a few credits short and are now 18 or 19-years-old and they just feel uncomfortable going back to their home high schools.

The CBC High School Academy is flexible and willing to work around students schedules, whether it's with online courses, or taking work home and then turning it in.

Volunteers want to make sure they spread that word..

"I think the face to face, the one on one, we really care about, we'd like to see you do this because it's going to open tons of doors in your future. If you don't get your diploma, there are lots of things you won't get to do down the road," said Kathy Fisk, a volunteer.

Most of the former students are in their late teens with only a few credits left, but for those who are a bit younger that dropped out in their freshmen or sophomore years, the volunteers are encouraging them enroll back into a regular high school as opposed to doing to program with the CBC High School Academy.

A total of 22 volunteers are splitting up into teams to knock on more than 70 doors in Kennewick today.