Grooving With Foreigner in the Tri-Cities

<p>Richland HS Choir</p>

Richland HS Choir

It's a dream come true for 25 members of Richland High School's choir. They are singing back-up for Foreigner at the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo.

"This is a once in a life time opportunity. I'm never going to get to sing with Foreigner again. It's an amazing band and I'm going to be on stage with them at a sold-out performance so I just can't wait," said 16-year-old Martha Leam.

And it might be tru.  Martha Leam, Tabith Yearsley, Jadelynn Sarbacher are three of 25 choral singers who are getting a chance to sing with a world famous rock group.

"I am super excited it's always been my dream to perform with a rock band," said Yearsley.

"Oh, I'll probably be a little starstruck - but I love these guys!" said Sarbacher.

"Ever since I heard that we were going to sing with them I've been listening to all their music," said Leam.

They got this chance after a local radio contest selected their video singing Foreigner's famous love balad, I Wanna Know What Love Is.

Choral director Greg Fryhling said it was a big surprise, but no one deserves it more. "I'm very proud of them. They've always amazed me and they're talented, we have fun, and they're just great kids."

The girls say they love the music, but interestingly... didn't seem to be able to name any of the band members.

"I don't really know the band that well, but I'm hoping to meet them and get to know them," said Leam.

"I really don't know the band members names but I love them all, said Yearsley.

"I actually don't know the band members names at all, just their music!" said Sarbacher.

But that could simply be a generational thing. Each girl was first introduced to the music by her parents.  

"I like Waiting For a Girl Like You. That was my parents' love song, so it just became a favorite of mine," said Yearsley.

"My mom and dad used to listen to them all the time and I have them on my iPod," said Sarbacher.

"I'm excited by my mom was really excited too because she grew up listening to Foreigner," said Leam.

And so now a second generation is under the spell of Foreigner. A legacy worth having.

The fair runs till 11pm every night. Tickets are $13 for adults and $5 for kids.