Vicious Wild Dogs in Yakima

Last night, a Yakima Police Officer responded to the rear of Del Monte at the railroad tracks for reports of three vicious dogs at large.

The Police Officer located the dogs and kept them in sight while waiting for Animal Control Officers to respond.  While waiting, the dogs escaped and attacked the Officer.  The Police Officer sustained several minor dog bites to both lower legs.  The wild dogs retreated after the Officer sprayed them with pepper spray. The Police Officer was treated at a local hospital and released from duty for the remainder of his shift.  He will be able to return to work next week.

Early this morning, Yakima Police Officers again responded to the 100 block of Division for 911 calls for help with a dog attack.  The 48 year old male victim was walking his dog along the railroad tracks when he was attacked by the dogs.  An employee of a nearby business heard him and ran to help.  The witness threw several large rocks at the dogs and hit them with a wood post, finally getting the dogs to retreat.  The victim was severely injured with countless deep wounds to his head, face, arms, torso and legs.  He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and is being treated for his injuries.  He and his dog will survive the attack.

After the second attack, a team of seven Police Officers contained the general area and started searching for the vicious dogs on foot.  The dogs were located in the vicinity of the attack and police were able to shoot one of the dogs dead.  A second was wounded with probable fatal injury and it ran east and south along the tracks with the third dog.  The officers followed a blood trail from the wounded dog, however the search had to be terminated when officers met a field with stacks of wood and debris making it unsafe to continue. 

At this time, the uninjured dog was spotted in the same general area but officers were unable to contain it.

The Yakima Police Department and Animal Control Officers are continuing the investigation and attempting to locate the remaining dog and identify its owner.  Citizens are urged call 911 and use caution if in this area and confronted by a tan Pit-Bull/Mix dog. The remaining dog is approximately 25-30 pounds with short, tan hair.