Dribble, Drive and Dunk

<p>Hot Shots Tournament</p>

Hot Shots Tournament

Sports Center owner Travis Heitman is stocking his cooler with beverages for this weekend.

His business sits right in the heart of the area where a two-day 3-on-3 basketball tournament starts tomorrow.

"Organized chaos... I was told to prep for that, and we did, and we didn't prep enough," said Heitman, "So this year, we're actually going around getting a lot more Gatorade, a lot more water to help out and keep people hydrated."

Tomorrow marks the start of the 11th annual Hot Shots Tournament; over 1,900 players from across the NorthWest will be competing for the right to be called the best.

This year's tournament features a skills challenge, and an elite bracket, for serious competitors.

With such a jam-packed weekend, businesses expect a lot of players and spectators to make their way through their doors.

"We see some people coming in after the tournaments in the evenings, definitely," said Gilbert Cellars tasting room manager Laura Rankin, "During the day, we don't see a lot, but we definitely love to see the people walking around. We see a lot more people walking around downtown, which is a really encouraging thing."

Last year, over 12,000 people filled Yakima Avenue for the tournament.

Organizers say it's one of the few events that brings a lot of attention to the Yakima Valley.

"I think it puts the valley on the map, so to speak," said Sports Commission Director Rich Austin, "It brings a lot of people out of town that way, and it also gives the people here in town something to do as well."

"Anything that could bring people to Yakima and show off what we've got to offer is a perfect thing for us," said Heitman.

The tournament tips off at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

Yakima Avenue will be closed through the downtown area to traffic for most of the weekend.