Cable Bridge Will be Lit with Teal Lights

<p>Teal Bridge</p>

Teal Bridge

The cable bridge is going to look a little differently starting tomorrow.

It's going to be covered in teal colored lights through the end of September for National Ovarian Cancer Month.

Local support group Ovarian Cancer Together has been trying for months to raise the $5,000 necessary to make it happen and they did.

The group's leader, Kay Kerbyson, survived ovarian cancer 4 times and said lighting the bridge teal can help raise awareness and hopefully help women catch the disease in it's earliest phase.

"If I can use the tealing of the bridge to get somebody to think about the symptoms and think about the bridge and have that image in their mind in the future then that's my dream come true," said Kerbyson. "Even if one woman gets diagnosed when it's curable, that will fill my heart with joy."

Nearly 100 cancer survivors, family members and sponsors are expected at Clover Island Inn at 7p.m. tomorrow to watch the bridge light up.