Kennewick Police Arrest Three Men after Disturbance

Kennewick police arrest three men Tuesday night after a disturbance outside some apartments on N. Cleveland Street.

Officers say before 6 PM, three men, 28-year-old Donovan Lewis, 24-year-old Malcomb Lewis and 31-year-old Benjamin Gregory, waited outside 906 N. Cleveland Street to confront 37-year-old Sateah Nimley, who the three men say had repeatedly been beating up Donovan Lewis and his wife.

Donovan Lewis and his wife also live on N. Cleveland Street.

Police say when Nimley and his family arrived at their home, the three men confronted Nimley, but Nimley went into his apartment and armed himself with a knife and handgun, and threatened the men to leave.

Police then arrived at the home.

They arrested Nimley on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Officers also arrested Donovan Lewis on suspicion of failing to appear for a 3rd degree assault warrant.

They also arrested Malcomb Lewis on suspicion of provoking assault.

Nobody was injured.