Fire Destroys Home on Symons Street

A weekend house fire in Richland leaves a home in a pile of rubble.

The Richland Fire Department told us the Milliron's have lived in their house on Symons for 48 years.    

Right now the fire deaprtment is investigating to try and find out what might have caused the fire that took Jack and Dolores' home Saturday morning.

The Millirons were out of town visiting family for the holiday weekend only to come home and find their house in ruins.

I talked with the neighbor who initially reported the fire. She didn't want to speak on camera but says at around 5:45 Saturday morning her dogs were barking like crazy, so she went to let them out. That is when she saw flames coming out of the window of the house.

According to the Richland Fire Department they were able to save a few photos and the american falg from Jack's fathers funeral. Other than that almost everything is gone.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.