Hanford High Lockdown

Hanford High School in Richland was on a precautionary lockdown for about a half an hour today based on a potentially threatening email. Below is a message sent to Hanford parents by prinicpal Ken Gosney


To the Parents of Hanford High School Students:

It was brought to our attention this morning via e-mail that there was potential for a shooting at Hanford High School this morning at 10:00 AM. There is also a Hanford High School in California and it is unclear which Hanford High School was the true recipient of the threat. Both Hanford High Schools have proceeded as if the threat was directed at their school, and acted quickly to ensure student and staff safety.

I’m pleased to share that we had immediate support from the Richland Police Department, and were able to quickly activate our security measures to secure our school. As a result, Hanford High School was in a precautionary lockdown for approximately 30 minutes this morning around 10:00 AM without incident.

Based on all the information currently available, there is no evidence of an active threat at Hanford High School. The Richland Police Department is continuing to investigate this incident. If your student has any information that might help solve this case, please encourage them to visit with school administration.


Ken Gosney


Hanford High School