No Lines When You're Online

<p>Cyber Monday</p>

Cyber Monday

While many of you were out this weekend shopping at big box retailers and department stores, there are those who stayed indoors, waiting to do their shopping today.

Nikolai Nakon is one of the 130 million people expected to shop online today.

Instead of waiting out in the cold for hours, he simply kept his computer booted and ready to fire when today came.

The National Retail Federation says Cyber Monday marks the busiest online shopping day of the year, and it's a growing trend that seems to be overtaking Black Friday.

"I guess in the present day I'm not very surprised and I hope it actually keeps growing," said Nakon, "It seems like a good way to keep shopping humble."

But while many of you are busy googling items and adding them to your cart, there are a few things you should keep your eye out for.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is reminding consumers to make sure the site you are ordering from is legitimate and has a successful track history with it's customers.

He also suggests you keep your desktop or laptop up to date with the latest spyware and anti virus.

And lastly, he advises pay with credit cards whenever possible, it's easier to read your statements and contest any suspicious charges.

"I personally stick to the major websites,I just go to Amazon, JCPenny and just stick to the big names," said Nakon.

People are expected to spend about $2 billion online Today, and shipping companies like Fedex are expecting to ship 22 million boxes worldwide.

The National Retail Federation says about 131 million people will be shopping online today, up from 129 million last year.