New Small Business in Benton City

<p>Qual Crossing</p>

Qual Crossing

A pair of brand new small business owners are setting up shop in Benton City.

Elaine Coates and her daughter Vanessa decided to open up their very own gift shop in the heart of the city.

Today was the open house for the Quail Crossing on 9th Ave. in downtown.

The one month old business is filled with one of kinds pieces made by local craftsmen.

Some items include repurposed furniture, handmade jewelery and chandeliers.

Coates said she wants to provide Benton City with something new and she also wants more small business owners like her to thrive.

"Benton City always needs new businesses and there really isn't a store like this in Benton City," said Coates. "It's a small town and people like the small town atmosphere. We just try to accomodate everybody. The gas prices have gone up so we can stay in town and shop."

Coates said not only does she want give people a place to shop so that they don't have to leave town, she's also hoping to bring tourists into Benton City to check out shops that they wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.

Coates said the business has been doing very well so far and she hopes it will continue to do so in years to come.