Freezing Temperatures Could Create Costly Damage in Your Home Without Proper Care

<p>Freezing Cold Temps</p>

Freezing Cold Temps

There has been a lot of talk on the freezing cold temperatures.

Two major issues people may have this coming winter is a burned out furnace and frozen pipes, both of which can be extremely costly.

We're here to tell you how to be proactive.

Baldemar Osorio had to make a call to a local heating and cooling company this morning after he and his family slept in their freezing cold home last night.

"Last night we noticed the heater wasn't blowing hot air. It was freezing," said Osorio. "It was abnormal. That's why we decided to call somebody to see what's going on."

When technicians arrived, they immediately made their way to the furnace in the basement only to find an expensive problem.

"We looked at the breakers, looked at the wiring and we noticed some wires had overheated and one of the parts inside the furnace had gone out and the breaker had popped," said Carlos Garcia of Total Quality Air.

Garcia also found the culprit which caused the malfunction.

"The filters were very dirty," said Garcia. "He wasn't aware that he had a filter in the system, he's been living in the home for about two years."

Garcia said filters should be changed once every two to three months.

Otherwise, the problem can cost you anywhere from two to four hundred dollars.

Another problem garcia sees all too often this time of year is frozen pipes.

As temperatures drop, the water inside uninsulated pipes can freeze causing the pipe to expand and break.

There are a couple ways to find out if this has happened.

"Whether you have no water running at all or once the temperature goes up and everything thaws and you find out that you have a big leak," said Garcia.

Prevention is key.

"Keep them insulated," said Garcia.

There are two ways to do so, either slide the pipe through an insulation tube or wrap the pipe in insulation.

If the pipes are located in a crawl space, you may want to have a professional do it.

Osorio said if you do run into problems like he did, don't panic.

"Call somebody that knows what they're doing and just be safe," said Osorio.